Corporate Wellness Programs For All Business Sizes!

Provide a great employee benefit while cutting costs up to 15%. Our corporate wellness programs provides custom options designed to create a culture for your employees which promotes health and fitness effectively while improving their performance and satisfaction at work. By delivering an unparalleled corporate benefit, employers have the ability to take a proactive stance on the health and well being of its most important asset – its employees!


Our Wellness Services

On-Site Fitness Center Management

Competitive Office Challenges

Nutrition Coaching

On-Site Chair Massage

Wellness Consulting

Change lives, enhance the workplace and lower health care costs!


Top Reasons To Invest In A Corporate Wellness Program

  1. Save $3 - $6 for every $1 invested in healthcare.

  2. Lower company healthcare costs by 20 - 55%.

  3. Enhance recruitment and retention for all company positions.

  4. Lower short term sick leave by up to 40%.

  5. Lower workers' compensation and disability claims by as much as 38%.

Benefits For Employees

  1. Employees are likely to be happier at work, healthier, and a lot more productive.

  2. Reduced stress

  3. noticeable weight loss and reduction in body fat

  4. Improved physical fitness and range of mobility.

Custom Packages To Suit Your Company’s Needs & Growing Size

  1. Corporate memberships and discounts packages to services from our network and partners

  2. On-Site training options

  3. Small group classes

  4. Wellness challenges

  5. Team-building events

  6. Nutritional guidance and many more!

Give employees the gift of natural health and wellness.

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